sarahdear (sarahdear) wrote in love2argue,

mandatory organ donating

alright, I want to know everyone's opinion on organ donating. I believe that everyone should be required by law to donate all organs upon death. My view is that they are dead and the organs have no further use to them. There is currently a ridiculous shortage of organs avaliable for implants and if all elidgeable people (no disease of the specific organ or blood diseases) donated theirs, more people would have another chance at life. I personally don't understand why someone would be against organ donating. Even the religious claim doesn't make sense to me--the Christian sects that are against it probably know that their Bible specifically says that the spirit will leave the body to enter everlast life, ect.

so mandatory organ donating--how could this be bad?
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If your organ goes to a future killer, that would suck.
that would suck, but then again who are we to judge who deserves and doesn't deserve a chance at life?
so insightful.... yeah, complete suckage dude.
i don't see a problem with that.. but if someone has a good enough reason why someone's organ's shouldn't be donated, then it should be ok that they don't...
so yea i agree.
yeah, I never though about this topic. It's a pretty good idea.
I agree...I think everyone SHOULD have to donate their organs. I think it's selfish to take the opportunity of saving a life w/ you into the grave. You're not going to be using your organs when you die, therefore they should be taken from you in order to give someone else a chance to live that has one. That's that.
I don't think that someone should be required by law to donate anything upon death, but I do think it should be more widely practiced. I personally am going to donate when I die because like you said, it's usless to me so why keep it? It seems like a lot of people don't want to donate organs because they don't like the idea of being disected and I find that rediculous. However some people do have religous or other kinds of very good reasons not to donate, and even if they are not understood by the general public, they are valid. No one should be forced into doing something, especially something that is so personal. Forcing that kind of thing upon someone is morally wrong. What if someone had AIDS? Not only is forcing someone to donate organs morally wrong, it could cause a lot of problems. We would probably run into a lot more diseases and problems in the future because we constantly swap organs. And where would we store all of the organs while they are waiting to be used? They have to be used fairly quickly after someone dies and there would be nothing to do with all of the organs that people donate... think of how many people die every day.
tons of people die every day but tons more need organs to live! you're right about AIDS though, I guess all healthy, uncontaminated organs should be donated.
Donating organs a law? I think not. Thanks its my body though. I am a donor but there are serveral people out there, who for religious reasons, do not donate because they believe they need to have their body in its whole form. Your body your rights.. even after death.
I think that people should be given the choice whether to donate their organs. I am an organ donor, but I want to be cremated as well. If my carcass is going to be burnt to a crisp, I don't care if a couple parts are harvested for the greater good. But I know some people who don't want to give up their organs. They have their own reasons. Like my boyfriend is willing to give up any organ but his eyes. I agree that it'd be a little strange for someone to be walking around with his eyes in his/her head.

Although people who are on life-support and are organ donors face a bit of a dilemma. I have heard cases where doctors have convinced the family to pull the plug on their loved ones sooner just because they wanted to harvest the organs. I remember reading about a couple cases over the past and it was disturbing to say the least.

Also, certain states have insanely long waiting lists for organ transplants, but Florida seems to have a very short one. My friend's dad lived in Washington and there was a mix-up at the hospital during his check-up. They accidentally left the pacemaker turned off and he went for 2 days like that. So by the time they fixed it, his heart was so damaged that he needed a transplant. Since they were living in Washington, the wait was too long, so the doctor told them that the best thing to do was to move down to Florida and try to get a transplant there. So, it depends of the state too. I know that there is a shortage overall, but some states don't have much of a shortage at all.