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Separation of Church and State

Finally! A place that can listen to my rantings! I believe that all members of the clergy should keep their noses out of politics. When priests and bishops ect. get involved in political protests and things like that, the line between Church and State is crossed, and chaos will undoubtedly, occur. You're going to have people all pissed off because their priest, who's supposed to be a disiple of God, disagrees with what they think, and then its like the priest is saying that God thinks like he does, even though other priests may disagree, and it makes people feel bad because they don't agree with "God's opinion" and so they blindly ditch their political morals (oxymoron?) and go with whatever the priest says, just so they can get into heaven. Real life example- I'm catholic, and the pastor (head of all the priests at the church) publically went to a anti-war protest (which was just a front for an anti-Bush protest because the location of the event was at my town's "anti-Bush" headquarters) and not only went, but RANG THE "freedom" BELL, which was him putting himself out in public showing his values. Well, I woudln't have minded all that much, IF THEY HADN'T MADE THAT THEIR ADVERTISING CATCH! Seriously, they said "Come to our anti-war protest, and oh yeah a priest from the local catholic church will be one of the guests of honor and will ring the bell" or some such nonsense. Now, the problem also with them saying this is that they mentioned which church the priest was from, and, unluckily for him, most people who go to my church are Republican and support Bush AND the war, so with our pastor going to this anti-war protest, its making us all look like idiot sheep following an idiot master because he's doing something none of us would totally do. If a member of the clergy wants to make a political statement, or wants to express their views, its okay, since everyone has the right to, BUT IT IS NOT OKAY to make this person a "honored guest" just to make people to come because its going to make a lot of people very angry if it gets out. I don't mind that he says the prayer for memorial day, and I don't mind if he comes to village board meetings just to listen, BUT I DO MIND if everyone makes a big deal about it and he himself makes a big deal about it eventhough he KNOWS the majority of us going to the church in which he preaches (FOR WAY TOO LONG MIGHT I ADD..and he's very boring too..that's why I like the other priests better..plus, they agree with me :-) ) don't agree with the statements he's making which end up becoming statements on behalf of the church. Its the life he chose, and if he wanted to be more political than teach us about God and the bible, then why didn't he become a damn lawyer!?
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