Anita (pesalian) wrote in love2argue,


If everything that could in some way damage anyone's health shouldn't all goods for consumption (cigarettes, food, drinks, medicines, etc) be issued with health warnings?

Every day it seems something different is announced as being or possibly being carcenogenic or having other side effects which were not previously known due to a new study based on a different aspect of the goods in question. My current beef however, is cola. As a teenn - from about 15-17 my consumption of cola was what I now know to have been excessive, as a result the enamel of my teeth is so damaged that my teeth are brittle to the point of falling apart. There's no warning of that happening on cola (the one in the red bottle was my particular poison of choice)!

Is there anything left that is commercially produced that we can safely eat with the assumption that there is NOTHING wrong with it? Probably not.
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