chibimarronchan (chibimarronchan) wrote in love2argue,

Gay Rights?

Hey all I am new...I love arguing about anything and everything..

I thought I would start out with a topic...what do you all think of gay rights? Should gays have extra rights? Or just be the same as everyone else? Should they be allowed to marry?

My opinion...gays should be allowed to marry. I don't support gay marriage...personally I don't believe that people are born gay, but that its a choice they make, or that something in their past tramautized them and made them believe all people of the opposite sex are bad and so they became gay. Even though being gay is a choice, in my opinion, I think they still deserve the same rights as everyone else. Gays getting married doesn't hurt anyone, but themselves so I dont see a problem with it. If they want to hurt themselves that's their business...not the governments. What do you all think?
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