A love for arguing...

Do you love arguing?
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This is a community for those who love to argue. Any kind of argument is welcome here. All you have to do is join, post your issue, and wait to see what others think of it.

It'll be fun...

Here's how it works:
In order to be accepted, you post an issue and you will need more people agreeing with what you say, than disagreeing. If you get an equal amount of agreers and disagreers, you're in. But if you are disagreed with, you are not allowed to post more issues.
Issues can be as simple as "I believe the egg came first, not the chicken.", or as complex as...Hell, I don't know, something really complex. You get the idea.
Sound easy? Then post away...

Just a few rules...
• Feel free to swear. I don't care.
• Do not promote other communities here.
• Images or long issues behind an lj cut please. (< lj cut=" text " > < img src = " your pic " > </lj> without the spaces).
• You do not need to say why you agree or disagree with someone, but it is encouraged.
• Issues must be argue worthy!! Something that has more than one side to it. In other words, your issue can't be something like "Killing people is wrong."
• Do not agree or disagree with someone's issue until yours has been agreed with first. I won't be too strict about this at first, but geez people, control yourselves...
• You may not freeze replies.
• Please make sure your issue has not already been posted on the same page. If I see that you've made an issue that's already been posted, I'll delete it.
• Do not delete your issue if you are disagreed with.
• Don't get all bitchy just because no one agrees with you.
• Make sure you follow the livejournal ToS.
These are the rules. If you can't follow them, you'll be banned.

And don't worry - I won't ban you just because I don't like what you're saying.

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